By Warden

1. Eliza Stein is a freelance illustrator from Queens, NY. Her work has been
published by Nerve, Asphodel Press, and her personal favorite so far,
To see more of it, go to and

2. Christopher S. Carlson has been providing the theme music for each episode so far. You can find out more about him and his music on his myspace page Here

3. Lena Fx has been in arts since she can remember herself and got pretty much occupied with everything at times, from poetry to decorating. Ended up -still completely amateur- in digital art, photography and music, almost all around horror, occult, dark, macabre, as also seen in this artwork. You may check out more of her work here

4. Casey Rea-Hunter – –
Casey Rae-Hunter will be also be providing music in the future. He is a Washington, DC-based writer, musician, producer and media expert. He publishes and records under the moniker The Contrarian, with serving as the official hub for his varied interests. By day, he works in political communications, fighting to preserve the rights and freedoms of creators in the digital age. By night, he attempts to unlock the Mysteries through skeptical inquiry and aesthetic illumination. The Contrarian’s latest music release, Eldritch Musicks, is based on the Mythos of HP Lovecraft and other writers of weird fiction. It can be heard and purchased at, or any number of digital services like iTunes. One track from the album is available at the end of his short story “The Cove” This short story, read by Rae-Hunter himself, comes as an illustrated extra with purchase of the Eldritch Musicks CD.


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