First review of my short story

I received this review from a woman who recently purchased the Masters of Horror Anthology. My story “Once Seen” is included in the collection. Tia L. Brink had this to say about my story:

Once Seen by Jason Warden is a must read for any fan of Lovecraftian lore and Cthulhu mythos. I have read the story several times already and been blown away each time by the way Warden so easily draws you in, unsuspecting, then traps you in the same mental maze the main character is in. It’s hard to tell where reality leaves off and insanity takes over.

In this story, a lone artist is made vulnerable by his obsessive desire to create, frustration at not being able to do so and a certain amount of guilt over past events. He locks himself away from the outside world searching for inspiration within his deceased parents home.

In the quiet, basement of the house, with little to distract him, he finds the inspiration he’s been seeking. Or rather, it finds him. Aided by the artists degrading emotional state, the way is made clear for something to begin influencing him. Controlling him. Some unfathomable entity, ancient beyond time, willing the works progress from somewhere beyond our perception. One which is determined to cross that plane into our world.

The artist, weakening both physically and mentally, becomes absorbed in the work at the same time it is absorbing him. He realizes the piece he’s creating will become a portal at it’s completion. Some small fading voice in his mind shouts warnings of doom but he is beyond hearing it. Or perhaps he’s only unwilling to hear. The allure of the unimaginable power and mystery of his would be master is too great.

Rather than being just a passive witness to this account, the reader gets to join the artist on his descent into madness. Wardens clean, flowing style gently pulls you in, the tension builds and soon you have no more will to escape than the artist. You have to know what’s going to happen. Will it be the end of all mankind? Or just one man?

Thank you Tia for taking the time. It is greatly appreciated.



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