Masters of Horror Full Cover with Roster of Authors

This is the final roster for the Anthology, not necessarily in order of appearance. Publication is tentatively set for the second week in March. I think I speak for every one in saying it is an honor to be involved in the project, and we hope you’ll look for it when it is available. ****Update**** via Lee Pletzer – editor for Triskaideka Books. We will print and release via lulu for print books. Because Triskaideka is not located in the US, nor has a US ID # they can’t get the Print book on Amazon, but can get the e-book versions on Amazon via Kindle and Smashwords. The lulu version books will be priced to sell

The Roster now reflects the order in which the stories will appear.
*****Due to minor setback the release has been pushed back to late April. ******

1. Joseph Mulak ————– Wounds
2. Angel McCoy————– The Barnes Family Reunion
3. Carole Gill——————-Truth Hurts
4. Cassie Hart —————– Its All in the Cards
5. Marty Young ————–Fireflies of the Bushfire
6. Jennifer Brozek ———– Cost of Job Security
7. Scott M. Goriscak———- Home Sweet Home
8. Karen Johnson Mead —– One Day
9. Lee Pletzers—————- Teeth
10. Bob Morgan Jr————- Ladies of the Scale
11. KK  —————————Visitation
12. Larry Kokko ————— The Clifton house
13. Jason Warden—————Once Seen
14. William Cook ————– Devil Inside
15. Richard Barnes ———— Something Unpleasant
16. Mark Edward Hall———-The Fear

Cover art by Robert Elrod


1 Response to “Masters of Horror Full Cover with Roster of Authors”

  1. 1 TiaB
    February 22, 2010 at 5:04 PM

    I do love that cover. I’m so excited about this I can’t wait till it’s released 🙂

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