The Story of our Lost Pup

Well, Pup is being a bit generous, we adopted Jake from the humane Society on St. Patricks day 1999. He is a Lab/American Stafforshire mix, who was a pain in the ass for the first 7-8 years of his life. The vet told us when we had him fixed he would calm down soon enough. Little did I know our vet had been co-oped by a “Feisty dog lobbying group” Hence the muddy ring around our fence line where he wore his path, despite my best efforts to seed and fertilize each spring and fall. The best I could say about him during those first years is he was a great guard dog. Our neighbors loved him, because he never barked without cause. if someone was in the yard though, you knew it. Little did said persons know he was a big teddy bear who was scared of cats, but he sure sounds mean. Over the last few years, Jake has begun to slow down. I finally felt like I was really getting attached to him the last couple of summers when I would go out in the yard, lie down in a lounge chair and read. I wouldn’t be five minutes before he came over to just sit. Those will be the times i remember I think, not the times he chewed things up and made me crazy.

Jake has always been an outside dog, needless to say, i don’t like urine on my things, and since he was nearly untrainable, at least by me, that’s just the way it has always been. A Few weeks ago, however, It was very cold 2 degrees one night -30 wind chill, and with his age I just could stand to make him go through it. I yelled for him out the door, cold and shivering he hesitantly came in. I could tell he was nervous, he’d not been in the house since he was a pup, and he immediately had an accident. I got on to him a bit, but since then it has been three weeks and not a single problem. Now he goes to the door and whines to be let out.

That brings me to the drama that was this week. Our neighbors boys came over to play in the backyard with my kids, I built them a 12′ x 12′ sandbox last year, and boys do love sandboxes. Anyway, my kids were done long before they were and came inside. When i came home from work I saw Jake sitting int the front lawn. I knew my wife had been outside with the kids, and figured they had just gone in for a minute. Late I found out teh neighbors kids had left the back gate open. I thought, Jake, not being the type to run off anymore, would be fine outside for a minute or two. I headed in the house, took a shower, started thinking about what we were going to have for dinner, and remembered Jake was in the front yard. I ran outside, whistled, yelled, ran down the street talked to the neighbors, who said they had seen him a few minutes before. I spent the next two day checking shelters, vets, handing out flyers, putting ads of craigslist, and worrying. I hadn’t realize how much a part of our daily life he was until he was gone. Thursday my oldest daughter took a flyer to school, when i came ot pick her up one of the teachers told me she had seen a white lab at the store down the street. i ran down there, asked around, and sure enough he had been spotted, but i couldn’t find him. As I was pulling out to go pick up the other kids at the sitters, i saw him walking along teh busy road. i parked got out and ran up the road after him yelling his name. When he finally heard me He just stopped and laid down. I tired to get him to come with me but he wouldn’t budge, so i carried him back to the car. His poor feet were raw and red from walking. I got him home, bathed him and he proceeded to sleep for the next 15 hours or so. In any case, he is back home, we are all happy, and be we a little nuts at Petsmart. I hope he doesn’t take that as encouragement to wander off again.
I tell you this story because this is why you didn’t get your regular fix of short fiction this week. i did however put up the latest episode of Eyes and Knives, but i know how you addicts get when you don’t get your fix. Barring extreme circumstances, it won’t happen again.
Thanks for reading this rather lengthy explanation, I hope you are all enjoying the book. Leave some comments so I know where you stand on it. And as always Thanks for listening.

Jason Warden


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