Lots Happening, Change is good.

Well aside from a recent bout of unpleasantness in which someone mistook my intentions. Things could not be going better. I have great stories lined up and waiting, I’ve ventured to open another somewhat connected yet entirely different avenue which will be, I hope a beacon for some aspiring writers. “ShadowCastAudiobooks” is a service I’m now offering to authors who have either
A. Published a book and are having trouble selling it, or
B. Are on the verge of publishing but would like to get their name out to the public before doing so.

I know I may be covering already tread down, beaten soil here, but this is in regards to the little bout of unpleasantness in which my Podcast (The ShadowCast Audio Anthology) was unfortunately mislabeled because of this other venture (“ShadowCastAudiobooks“), among other things vanity press or scam.
This is not the case. I will not, nor ever have, asked for money from our authors, artists or musicians in exchange for the use of their work, my intention is to one day be able to pay THEM for their work. So lets not get the two confused nor mistake my intentions. The podcast (The ShadowCast Audio Anthology) is what it is, a weekly podcast magazine, in which I accept submitted stories, publish them both in print and in audio and try like hell to promote the authors in exchange for their wonderful stories.
(“ShadowCastAudiobooks“) is a SERVICE, in which I agree to podcast, or simply record the audio version of the authors book for a fee (Less than half the going rate for such a service I might add) and when it is done, the author has full rights to do with the audio as he/she pleases. There may be a small royalty attached, but there may not, each agreement will be different and agreed upon by both parties before production ever begins.

Now that I hope we have put this issue to bed, I’m happy to announce I will be partnering with Audible.com as they will be a affiliate of the podcast in the future. You’ll see links to great offers for you the listener from them shortly. I also have finished the editing for the first episode of Pete Malicki’s book “Eyes and Knives” and will be releasing it soon through ShadowCast Audiobooks for free of course. Look for it soon, and if you like it, I’ll have links available where listeners can get a signed copy of the book at a discounted rate.

Enjoy the show this Friday, and let us know what you think through the comments section or through e-mail at ShadowCastAudio@gmail.com

Thanks for listening
Jason Warden


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